Making it through all the ups and downs

Utkarsh Srivastava
4 min readJul 11, 2021


You would have lots of questions for yourself: sometimes you would raise questions about your capabilities or sometimes even about your existence. Some phases in life make you weak; you lose your inner self, then you come up with unnecessary anxiety, aggression, and suicidal thoughts sometimes. Life seems to you meaningless; your inner desires are puzzled by what exactly they are seeking. Your mind grows more and more despondent.

The meaning of life is getting happiness and fetching the utmost satisfaction from it; when you become sad, you lose the reason for the satisfaction, and frustration automatically follows. You feel suppressed by your luck.

Never you get overwhelmed with the situation you are in. Never be very quick to conclude the meaning of your life from the extremely minuscule phase of your life. All these things you are having right now are temporary. Nothing is permanent.

I am writing this blog for you; to overlook your complexities in life with a fresh mindset and a new perception.

Let’s consider the wave diagram below as your journey —

The dashed line symbolizes a hypothetical life that everyone wishes to have:


No Worries.

Constant throughout.

However, an inevitable little turbulence would have happened, and your life shifts to practical from hypothetical, doesn’t it? These constant ups and downs (or say vicissitude) continue until you die — it doesn’t matter you’re a billionaire or a beggar.

Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive.

- Ratan Tata

When you analyze the life cycle thoroughly with the passage of time, you will realize — things are inevitable. You have no control over the loss of your business or the death of your loved ones or all the poverty in the world. Nor you could do anything about you’re not as privileged as your fellows. Smiling is in your hand, so smile in every situation.

Let’s name the upper half in the wave diagram to be the phase of contentment (satisfaction) and the lower half to be the phase of discontentment (lack of satisfaction). Let’s analyze what those points reflect, who you become as the phase of life shifts from one to another.

1. At point P, you’re at your peak. You are cheerful. You have all the advantages over the others and you would conquer anything since you’re at the best of your potential and courage. You don’t have an idea what is suffering all about? You see positivity only, and negativity is like a melodious song to a deaf.

2. At point Q, you’re on the verge of bad times, sufferings, and resentment. You’re happy but not satisfied. Materialistic happiness bores your mind. It needs a phase of suffering to activate all its functionality as a runner never settles until he runs a mile or two a day.

3. At point R, you’re in the phase of discontentment, however at the peak. Life is somber, you feel worthless or a burden to the world. Where the thoughts of suicide creep in your mind, and you’ve tried to hang yourself… you’re too naïve to realize it. Trivial things would make you obnoxious. Negativity attracts you, unlike at Point P. Here Positivity is like barking dogs to walking elephants.

You still recover, your life keeps on hustling you towards your ultimate destiny, i.e. death.

4. At point S, give yourself a tap on your back. You already a winner, on a condition if you haven’t committed suicide yet (Just Kidding). You’re heading towards the phase of contentment, aren’t you? If you try to quit at this point, you’re up to nothing. The days of misery are fading, the mystic hope of good times is coming. Now, you have the superfluous experience and have the answers to all your questions, i.e. what is life all about?

5. At point T, there you’re in the phase of contentment. Enjoy! Keep Hustling and keep fighting you would soon be on the peak. Don’t let negativity buzz in your brain, you may backtrack and would fall back to the phase of misery.

Life gives you all opportunity to be happy and to be sad. Enjoy them equally.

Keep yourselves motivated even in the worst of times you will find your way out. Life always somersaults; it would flip at any moment — be ready for it. No negotiations with your life. Don’t trivialize yourself.

Don’t compare your life with others because you never know at what point of life they are.

Indeed, today you may be at point R, tomorrow you will be at P for sure.